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Hosted Voice

VoIP phone systems for businesses

Communicate over the internet with hosted telephony

Hosted Voice

Phone calls, instant messaging, web conferencing and team collaboration in one amazing unified communications platform.  Just plug in your Hosted Voice phone and start making secure voice calls across the internet (VoIP).

Hosted Voice enables your employees to keep in touch wherever they have access to the internet – in the office, on the road or working from home.  And as they are easier to reach, customers receive better support and more responsive service.

Suitable for businesses of any size with single or multiple sites.  Hosted Voice can scale up from a single handset to a multi-site network, providing seamless, reliable and hassle-free communications.

The features of Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice Features

The benefits of Hosted Voice

Secure, robust and reliable

As it’s a fully hosted service, we take care of everything. From making sure your broadband connection is up to speed, supplying the latest IP phones to providing 24/7 expert support – we’ll do it all.

Increased functionality

Benefit from enterprise-level features such as time of day routing, tandem ringing, hunt groups, call queues and conference calling.

Future-ready and scalable

Whether it’s moving offices, adding new sites, expanding your workforce, or adapting to different ways of working. Cloud Voice offers long-term flexibility to meet your changing needs. Simply add additional user licenses as required.

Call recording, reporting and monitoring

Built-in tools for call traffic monitoring helps you evaluate your company call activity: quantity, duration, type, costs of calls, SLA stats, peak hours, the activity of users & groups. Record calls for compliance and monitoring purposes without the need to install and maintain expensive capital equipment on your premises.

Integrate with third-party applications

Our Hosted Voice solution can be integrated with third-party applications and web-based software such as Outlook, Salesforce and Office 365, allowing you to streamline business communications across multiple platforms.

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